Logic vs Religion

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Historically, religion has always been a means for human beings to try to understand the things happening around them. Back in the days of the Greeks and Romans, there were the lightening, sun, love, water, etc. gods who helped them understand things they couldn’t explain. As humans developed scientific knowledge and understanding those gods disappeared.

Christianity was developed to help gain an understanding of how life began and what happens after life ends. It is also a comfort to “know” you will spend eternity with loved ones after you both have passed along to the next phase of life.

Since you cannot disprove Christianity as easily as it was to disprove the existence of a “lightening” god, it has stuck around.

The 4 answers to any religious question:

1) Because the bible says so.

2) It’s all a part of God’s plan.

3) You cannot understand God’s plan/thinking.

4) God gave humans free will.

Numbers 2 and 4 above are a direct contradiction to each other: if everything is a part of God’s plan, then he has to be able to control the actions of humans. Right now we’re at war and many Christians when faced with the moral question of how God would allow such a thing to happen, answer with good ol’ #4. While many of the soldiers in war thank God every day for being alive or narrowly escaping death. Or explaining another soldier’s death as “part of God’s plan.” Families pray for the safety of their loved ones. If the war is out of God’s hands because of human’s freewill, how is God able to step in and provide safety for one soldier over another?

I’ve been trying to piece this together for awhile… what power does God actually have?? God cannot control the actions of humans because he gave us free will. Human interaction is a HUGE part of everyday life. So, using the logic that God does not control me because of my free will, my interactions with all of these other human beings is not because God willed it, but because I felt like it… or someone else felt like it.

And then I get to thinking about animal instincts. Can an animals instincts be interpreted as the way God would want us to act? It is an easy logical step to make: God controls animals with instincts, so would it be reasonable to use animal behavior as a barometer for how God would want me to act? I mean, if that’s the way God programs the species he is able to control, why wouldn’t I mimic that behavior to be as god like as possible. Then I think of all the things animals do and I wonder if God wants me to be a cannibal, murderer, homosexual being who plays with my poop.

If God is so loving and almighty, how come he doesn’t just show himself to the world and erase all doubts about his existence and REALLY allow everyone with a fair chance to “worship” him. Speaking of that, how arrogant does God have to be to require every single one of his followers to worship him? And everyone who fails to acknowledge or believe in his greatness is sentenced to an eternity of suffering. How fucked up is that!? I am just as good, if not a better person (in my humble opinion) that many Christians I know, but because I am not a believer/worshiper that means absolutely nothing and I am automatically hell bound.

Random points:

– Noah’s Ark. Do you have any idea how huge that boat would have to be in order to house every single species of animal, insect and living creature on the planet? We’re talking cruise ship big… but probably impossible to build as tall in those days, so substitute height for length… fucking huge. Not to mention that this huge boat has to be built properly and be equally proportioned in order to float. Not to mention that the animals will have to get along for 40 days without eating each other and without any other food. Maybe I don’t know the story, but did Noah kill a bunch of other animals before the journey and store them for everyone to eat? The rations of food for all of the animals would be just as big as the space you would need to house all of the animals… which would double the size of the boat. Did all of the carnivores become vegetarians for 40 days? If Noah did pack food for everyone, did he serve it to everyone a couple times per day while they patiently waited in line? Oh yea, how did all of the animals get to Noah? Who built their boats in order to get them there? Because I am sure all of the animals were not on the same continent and at a minimum had a difficult river crossing.

– The bible says homosexuality is wrong, but homosexuality is not a choice. This is a fact. If you do not believe this, you definitely do not have a diverse set of friends.

– God created the entire world right? How come God couldn’t create the book which explains his religion himself?

– Every embryo is the same at a certain point. This includes fish and humans… at one point we all have gills. Strong case for evolution.

– Inefficiency of basic body functions. I remember in biology class my teacher was explaining the kreb cycle and he mentioned that it was inefficient used or gave off more energy than needed. How could that be? We are God’s “perfect” creations?

– The general hypocrisy of the church is quite disturbing. How does the institution which is supposed to set the standard of morality get away with molesting children without penalty from the law?

– All Christians pick and choose their beliefs. How can you claim religion to be such an important part of your life and not go all in? If you disagree with some of the teachings and regularly disobey them, shouldn’t that be a red flag that the rest of what you’re believing is a bunch of B.S.? It seems to me like religion and the bible should be an all or nothing type of deal.

– Think about all of the different sects of Christianity. They’re all basically based around the exact same book, but yet have differing beliefs and every group “knows” all the others are wrong. How crazy is that? Doesn’t that make a strong case for an argument of the inaccuracy of interpretation? Speaking of which, how many times has the bible been translated from language to language? The bible is a very complex piece of literature and it seems like much would get lost in translation (so to speak).

– What type of “plan” could God possibly have for your dead brother? Is there a job opening in Heaven? Or elections? Seriously.

– Think about all the shit people give thanks for. Anytime something goes right, it’s because God made it right. Is there a possibility that things might naturally work out just right sometimes? As well as horribly wrong others?

  • Example: Thank God for that snowstorm! I was planning to leave for a few hours but decided against it because of the heavy snow. 15 minutes later, my father had a severe heart attack and if I wasn’t there he definitely would have died. Thank you God for making it snow.
    • Do you have any idea how arrogant it is to “thank God for a snow storm”?? Do you know how many people were affected by that snowstorm? How many people were injured or died in car accidents? How many homeless people cursed the same storm? Do you really think God brought about that snowstorm for the sole purpose of making sure you were there to save your father? Maybe you should be cursing God for “planning” your father’s heart attack.

I don’t believe there is enough logic in religion or even questioning of religion. I think people are scared to (seriously and honestly) question their religion. How can you believe something so strongly and important to you, but never have the balls to question it? Don’t you want to be sure all of your time and emotions put into this religion are well spent?


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